XSPC Neo Memory WaterBlock + Side Plate Set (Chrome)



High performance waterblock set with RGB lighting, for DDR memory sticks. 

This set includes the XSPC Neo Memory Waterblock and replacement side plates for two memory modules. 

Neo Memory WaterBlock (Chrome)

  • High performance copper base 127x40x3mm
  • Acrylic top with chromed metal frame
  • Low flow restriction
  • G1/4″ threads
  • Compatible with most compression fittings
  • Supports 2-4 sticks of DDR (additonal sideplate set required for 3-4 sticks)
  • Supplied with thermal pads, RGB controller and two RGB LEDs.

Universal Side Plates (Chrome)

  • Dimensions: 125 x 36 x 7.1mm
  • Grey thermal pads 0.5mm x4
  • Acrylic adapter for short memory x2
  • M3x6 screws x4
  • Supplied with screws and allen key.

Supports DDR3, VLP DDR3 and DDR4. (VLP DDR4 not supported)

Note: Not compatible with Corsair Dominator Platinum or Corsair Vengeance LED modules

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