PrimoChill Fillport / Pass Thru Fitting - Dark Nickel

By PrimoChill


PrimoChill Fillport / Pass Thru Fitting are the latest addition to a rapidly growing PrimoChill product line. The Fillports/Pass Thru Connectors are very functional without sacrificing style. Each fillport is carefully machined to specifications that enable the user to install a G 1/4 fitting at both ends resulting in passing thru a solid surface an issue of the past. PrimoChill ports are perfect for any build needing a fillport, drainport or a pass thru from one area to another. 

The unique design and ease of installation will be the perfect match for your next water cooling system.  These fittings can be used on the top of your enclosure as a fill location, at the bottom as a drain, and for passing through any surface such as a case dividing panel.


  • G 1/4 tap from top to bottom for perfect flexibility.
  • Matching locking nut to make your port secure in any install.
  • Installs in minutes.


  • G 1/4 Inside Thread.
  • Nickel Plated.

Included Parts

  • Nickel plated base port
  • Nickel plated base nut
  • Mounting template
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