XSPC Rigid Metal Tubing Cutting Toolkit


$9.00 $18.99

The XSPC Metal Tubing Cutting Toolkit, takes the hard work out of cutting XSPC brass and stainless steel rigid tubing. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the metal tubing into the Cutting Tool, so that the tube sits between the two rollers and the blade
  2. Tighten the handle on the Cutting Tool
  3. Rotate the Cutting Tool around the tubing several times
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the blade cuts all the way through the tubing
  5. Insert each end of the trimmed tube to the Rigid Tubing Chamfer tool and rotate clockwise
  6. Use the Sand Paper to clean up the edges


Kit includes:

  • Metal Tubing Cutting Tool - The heavy duty cutter can cut through 
  • Rigid Tubing Chamfer Tool - Quickly chamfer the edges of rigid metal tubing, by using this handy tool. Just insert the tubing and turn clockwise.
  • Rigid Tubing Edging Sandpaper - Ideal for sanding the edges of the metal tubing, after using a chamfer tool.
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