The XSPC Professional PETG Deburing Tool kit was developed as an upgraded replacement for the older manual hand held debur tool. The best thing is they are a very similar price.

Speed and accuracy are improved with our new rotary tool, and can proudly sit amongst your modding tools for future builds.

Simply lock the tool in a battery drill chuck, and spin for a few seconds while feeding the PETG into the tool, for a speedy and accurate chamfer. Then use the provided sand paper to smooth off the end before putting the tube to use in your new build.

  • Fast and efficient way of deburing your PETG tubing
  • Also effective on Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Fiberglass and Wood.
  • High quality Hardened Steel tool
  • 6.35mm Hex Shank (Fits any normal 10m or 13mm Chuck)
  • Length: 48mm

XSPC Professional PETG Deburing Tool
Finishing Sandpaper

NOTE: Please do not use this tool with the drill on Hammer Function, use only in normal rotate mode, spin for a second each time to see the result of the chamfer.

Do not apply constant speed for long lengths of time, or the PETG will start to melt and be harder to finish.
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